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Saladvocates, Unite—Join The Salad Lobby

Saladvocates, Unite—Join The Salad Lobby

Salad fans, allow me to introduce you to Lindsay Sauvé and Peter Korchnak, co-founders of America’s newest food movement: The Salad Lobby! What began as a way to curb carb-heavy budget food during Lindsay and Peter’s year abroad is now a serious (and sometimes seriously humorous) mission to put the "food" back in America's food. Lindsay, with her creative, path-blazing brain, is The Salad Lobby’s soul; Peter’s marketing and digital brawn are the system.

I recently interviewed Peter and Lindsay to learn more about their exciting new endeavor.

1. What inspired The Salad Lobby?

We met. We married. We traveled. While overseas, salad became a metaphor for all things healthy. We made salad from unfamiliar ingredients in unfamiliar hostel kitchens. We searched for salad to fill the gap between croissants, empanadas, and beer. We were far from home, and at times felt out of place on the road, but as long as we had salad, we had balance.

Back in the United States, we wanted to eat like we did while traveling, but ingredients that are part of a typical grocery list in other parts of the world—high-quality oils; seasonal, organic produce; fresh herbs—are considerably more expensive “specialty products” here in the US. We had to develop ways to make these ingredients stretch. We found it took more diligence and effort to eat salad every day.

At the same time, we knew about the dairy, beef, and chicken lobbies (John Oliver's Last Week Tonight segment on the chicken lobby was the trigger that inspired our little company's name). These outfits all have enormous influence on what Americans eat, how much it costs, and what's considered “healthy.”

Until now, there has never been a salad lobby. We decided to dedicate our energy to bringing more salad to the people, and with that, The Salad Lobby was born.

2. What's the mission of The Salad Lobby? What are its short- and long-term goals?

The Salad Lobby advocates for salad's place at the table. We aim to bring salad to all Americans by sharing the variety that salad can offer. We promote salad as a meal that's inexpensive, easy to prepare, and made from simple, whole ingredients we can pronounce.

As our Manifesto outlines, we also celebrate salad as a way to connect with what we eat and with each other. Salad is healthy, beautiful, and a symbol for America.

In broader context, we tackle American food culture and industry. Our food system makes unhealthy food cheaper than healthy food. Food corporations spend billions marketing nutritionally poor junk food to children. The dairy and meat lobbies advocate for less regulation of their industries, making us sicker. Our government skirts sound nutritional science under pressure from industries. 

The Salad Lobby works to inspire, motivate, help, and sometimes also nudge our fellow “saladvocates” to raise demand for salad. If Americans ask for healthier, fresher, and better-tasting food, our system will be forced to supply it. With more supply comes more availability and accessibility of salad for all. Ultimately, adding salad to the table will result in healthier tables, healthier people, and healthier generations.

The Salad Lobby also aims to influence American food culture by changing assumptions that healthy food is bland, expensive, hard to obtain, or elitist. Salad can be a delicious meal in itself, a meal that’s inexpensive and easy to prepare. We want to bring salad to the table of all Americans.

Our long-term vision is to create a world in which everyone can say, “America loves salad.”

3. What does The Salad Lobby offer to fellow “saladvocates”?

The Salad Lobby offers salad lovers tools and resources to make, eat, and share salad. These include salad-related articles and our own recipes like Chopped Curry Broccoli Salad, Shaved Turnip Salad, and Celery Salad with Apple, Walnuts, and Pecorino (pictured below).

We also offer salad-related gear so people can let their friends know that they are certifiable salad nerds like us.

4. How can folks support The Salad Lobby?

Eat salad!

We're only half joking; our purpose is to support you in leading a more salad-centric life. Here are a few ways to support our salad movement:

  • Read our blog.
  • Sign up for our mailing list.
  • Make salads using our recipes, and send us your own salad recipes.
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Buy t-shirts on our website, and wear them proudly.
  • Spread the salad word by sharing our updates, posts, recipes, photos...

 We have a few other exciting projects in store for the months to come, so join our list to stay up-to-date.

Between now and Election Day, we also invite you to fulfill your civic duty and cast a vote in the election for Veggie in Chief. The contest to pick the leader of the vegetable world features three frontrunners:

Let's not just choose any vegetable; let's choose the right one. Will it be Broccoli, among the national favorites but an odd choice for salad? Celery, a stable standby, but rarely a salad headliner? Or Turnip, the odd root everyone loves to rag on? You decide.

5. If you could make one call to action on behalf of The Salad Lobby, what would it be?

Go forth, eat salad!

 As fellow travelers and future farmers, we wholeheartedly support The Salad Lobby, and we hope you will, too!  (And by the way, my Veggie in Chief vote is going to Celery—what about you?)


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