Campervans: Combining Road Trips and Camping in an Easy and Affordable Package

Campervans: Combining Road Trips and Camping in an Easy and Affordable Package

Ever wish to combine a road trip and camping in an effective and easy way? You might want to consider renting a campervan. You’ll still have to stop to use the restroom, but now you can travel in comfort. The company, Native Campervans, has all kinds of interested travelers covered. Each "Biggie" van is stocked with a comfy bed, living room, and kitchenette, which includes a sink, refrigerator, and propane stove. The "Smalls" vans, for those who don’t want to cook, don’t include kitchenettes, but still have beds included.

Based in Colorado, the founders of the company wanted to share their experiences on the road abroad as well as show clientele the beauty of Colorado. Creating an option for road trips and camping that is both affordable and accessible is the goal.

The vans currently run on an ancillary battery, which can power the van for an entire day after powering for one hour. Pretty cool! As a bonus, the "Biggie" vans are already pre-wired for solar because they plan on having the vans run on solar panels within the next few months. There’s also the possibility of converting electric vans into campervans, which would be another cleaner alternative for those who like to camp on the go.

The founders stress their concerns about how underutilized campers and RVs are, and how the average RV can sit in storage for up to 50 weeks a year. Providing people the option to rent a campervan gives people who don’t have a camper the option to camp, as well as to potentially cut down on the waste of camping vehicles. It also gives an incentive for people considering the mobile housing lifestyle.

I am always a huge fan of innovative architecture and design, and as someone who struggles to sit still for long periods of time, this sounds like a godsend. If you are interested, you can request a quote and reserve a van online. Happy camping!