Harvesting Life

Harvesting Life

Gardening and its Life Lessons 
This is only our fourth garden since living in the Carolinas, and plenty of life lessons have been apparent as we've gone through this journey. Surprisingly, growing something as simple as watermelon and cucumbers has taught us a lot of valuable life lessons that help us manage our corporate positions that support our family.

Completing a project with a blank slate has started to become easier. When we start planning for the garden, we have such a blank slate to start with each year that we have to just go with it. Just going with the overall vision of being self-sustained by having a garden, and creating the project as we go, is so similar to projects proposed at work. I find myself having less anxiety when presented with projects at work because I’m used to the uncertainty in my garden. Like my garden, it will all organically work out in my favor.

We planted a whole batch of broccoli that never came to harvest. We couldn’t figure out what the mistake was; we followed the schedule, but the maturity date did not hold true. This often happens at work—promises made by managers and others in higher positions that never come to reality. Gardening has taught me that although the reward may not show when expected, it will show when ready. The broccoli was able to be harvested a few months after we forecasted, when it was ready. The same thing happens in life; everything is in due time.

Milestone Celebrations
Small victories never get missed in the garden because it takes so much work to get to that point. One cucumber is a major victory, and I’ve started to recognize that small accomplishments at work are worth the same amount of attention. Recognizing how much effort it takes to reach a certain point in a project helps with momentum by enhancing the sense of accomplishment and recognition in the team. This vibe helps me keep going with the garden, and also helps me continue with completing long projects at work.

Do you have moments of clarity in your garden? Have life lessons shown up for you to harvest?


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