Tuesday, 10 January 2017 00:00

Cooking something new can be intimidating, especially if you’re using unfamiliar ingredients. I’ve had little experience cooking with tofu myself, but I have tasted some great recipes, as tofu is a very versatile food with a ton of protein. Today I’m going to share some unique tofu recipes.

Want something spicy? Why not some Crispy Tofu Tacos?
Admittedly, I wouldn’t think to combine tofu and tacos together, but this recipe is a ringing endorsement for the two. Sweet, spicy tofu bites, covered with cornmeal to give it that nice crunchy texture, drizzled with a tasty scallion cilantro sauce and topped with all your favorite taco toppings—as a taco fan, I’m really excited to give this one a try.

Want some breakfast? Have a Tofu Scrambler.
I’m not as into the breakfast craze as are some of my friends, who could literally just have breakfast for lunch and dinner, but I do like scramblers. This was another recipe that piqued my interest because egg has a very distinct flavor, but with a splash of turmeric, garlic, green onions, and ketchup, I can start to see the makings of a very tasty meal. For anyone who loves breakfast but wants to try something egg-free, you might want to give this a try.

Need more variety? How about some Tofu Lasagna?
For anyone vegan, this recipe is up your alley! Substitute tofu for cheese in a tasty, creamy “ricotta” filling. This dish will melt in your mouth. Enjoy the blend of tofu and spinach mixed with garlic, lemon, and basil that could stand toe-to-toe with any meaty lasagna recipe.

In a hurry? Maybe try these Oven-baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites.
I’m usually in this particular situation, where I lose track of time, and with what is left of it, I need to whip up something for dinner, and fast! Although I see this more as a snack than a meal, if you already have some leftovers sitting in the fridge or the veggies needed for a simple salad, this recipe would be a great complement to your meal. This recipe also has me sold on honey and garlic.

Want to Thai something new? Have some Ginger Lemongrass-Infused Thai Soup.
A few of things about me: I like Thai food, I like soup, and I like definitely like lemongrass. Add the fact that this recipe is entirely vegetarian but still gives me enough protein, and I call this dish a win-win. Smooth, creamy, with the zest of ginger, lemongrass, and coconut—I can hardly wait to eat this.

All right! I feel inspired, and I hope you all feel that way too. Maybe tonight I’ll get to warm myself up with some tofu Thai soup. Enjoy!